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top 10 fave ppl?

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Oh no 🙀 this might give away who i may or may not be!
But i will do it.

1- jeffreythestylist and their real blog.
I love them. We have lots in common and shes so sweet and fun to talk to and one of the coolest people youd ever talk to. (Trying not to give it away..?)

2- wilfredthebutler and their real blog.
I havent talked to her much but shes very nice and is super cool. Tbh i should really talk to her more.

3- flyawayfever
Let me see, i love cassie. Shes so so so sweet and if youre ever down shes great to talk to. I havent talked to her in a while *sad face emoji*. She is very cool and i dont know a lot about her really (probably because im terrible and go on and on about me. Im terrible.)

4- ninetytonothing
She is so funny and nice and was one of my first tumblr friends. Id love to talk to her more because we havent talked much either.
She is super pretty and lovable.

5- panic-at-the-bandoms.
Aw yes, Valerie.
She is probably the nicest flyer ever. She takes so much time to make these amazing videos and they always come out nothing less than perfect. Her puns are so lame and amazing. And she is just fab.

6- paige. Butterfly-to-survive
Ive never actually talked to her. But she seems hella rad and her cartoons are just all around amazing. She has a very lovely blog and seems very great.

7- a blog that i will not name because right away that would give away who i am. But shes funny and nice and i love her and yeah.

8- of course Mr. Rapattoni himself. His blog is great, his music is “fahb”, he is v cute, and personality is beyond amazing.

9- daltonsinsaneasylum
Ive only talked to her once and she seems soooo nice and rad. Her blog is flawless. And i would love to talk to her and become friends.

10- goes to every other blog out there because i cant pick just ten favorites. Theyre all so lovely and deserve love. I love them all, i love you all. You are all so flawless and just i want to hug you all and tell you how great you all are and you all deserve nothing but the best.
I love you all. If you are reading this right now i guarantee you that this is about you.

(Im sorry i cant tag, im on mobile.)


Aww thank you so much!!! Don’t be afraid to stop by my inbox! I always love making new internet friends! (:




look at that majestic fucker

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Fly Away Hero - What Do Tigers Dream of? - Liquid Lounge 8/14

 (edited to say: Hunter’s Dad’s birthday song…sorry I didn’t listen well enough this morning and assumed…was too excited.)